What to Expect | Waterloo, IA

Woman having her neck massaged - massage therapy in Waterloo, IA
Chiropractic Care is like building a house, and there is a particular sequence and structural order for your body to stand strong and all of its components to work together in balance optimally. You can't build the walls of a house before the foundation. The walls will collapse. This same idea applies to your body. If something is out of line in your body's foundation, that must be corrected before healthy improvement can take place. Chiropractic care follows a specific individual plan in order for you to heal properly and fully. With this in mind, there are three phases of chiropractic care in sequence: Relief, Restoration, and Wellness Care.
Breaking Down What You Need To Know:
  • Your First Visit
  • Phase 1: Relief Care
  • Phase 2: Restoration Care
  • Phase 3: Wellness Care

Your First Visit

Upon entry to the office, our receptionist will welcome you to the Amosson Chiropractic family and have you complete the patient care forms. Your health history and information about your condition will be documented so that we can design the best treatment for your individual needs.


The next step is a consultation with Dr. Kelly Amosson to address your specific health condition, possible strategies, and a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This is your introduction to Dr. Amosson, where she can learn about you and your needs and how together we can assist you in reaching your optimal health goals.


Following the consultation, Dr. Amosson will test your reflexes and flexibility as well as a standard set of neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical tests to help guide us in designing your individual chiropractic treatment plan.

X-Ray Studies

In some cases, X-rays need to be performed as well to give Dr. Amosson a visual guide and to rule out or alert the doctor of any serious spinal column conditions and misalignments or degeneration.

Report of Findings

Following the forms and examination, Dr. Kelly will meet with you again and give you a detailed analysis of the information regarding your condition and answer any questions you might have regarding your treatment including:
1.How can Dr. Amosson help me?
2.How many sessions will I need?
3.What is the cost of my treatment plan?
Following the report and analysis of your health history and goals, Dr. Amosson will then discuss recommended options and if other specialists need to be involved to correct your particular issues. She will then provide the best wellness and treatment program tailored to suit your individual needs.


After the diagnostic appointment, your treatment plan will begin. Your plan may include adjustments to your spine, physiotherapy, and massage of soft tissue. It is important to note that this treatment is interactive so let Dr. Amosson and her staff know of any concerns about the style of treatment at any point throughout the program.

Wellness Program

Before you leave, Dr. Amosson will offer a wellness program that incorporates a list of activities. We will collaborate with you to find healthy habits and routines for your lifestyle. Each individual is unique and so everyone requires a customized wellness plan.

Phase 1: Relief Care

In this first phase of ‘Relief Care,' our main goal is to relieve pain. In order to successfully treat your pain and correct your condition, you may require visits daily or biweekly.

Don't assume that just because there is no pain that there is no problem. Pain is usually the result of a problem that has progressed to an advanced stage. Like a tooth ache that is not painful until serious decay has taken place, so it is the same with your muscular skeletal system and spinal care. Whether it is heart disease, diabetes, stress, or spinal problems, pain is often the last thing to present itself. In chiropractic care, pain is the first symptom to disappear, although the underlying condition may require further treatment.

Phase 2: Restoration Care

Eliminating pain is the easiest part of personal chiropractic care. But the treatment should not stop there because the condition can recur and relapse. During the restoration phase, adjustments are not required as often and exercises and stretches are incorporated to accelerate your healing and recovery time. Don't be alarmed if you have occasional mild pain flare ups. This is normal while your body restores itself. Depending on the severity of your particular condition or injury, flare ups might occur for the next few months, or potentially a few years.

Phase 3: Wellness Care

After your body has completely healed, wellness care is recommended as routine therapeutic chiropractic care to ensure that your physical painful condition does not relapse. This will help you maintain the optimal aligned and healthy condition of your body. To ensure the optimal health of your musculo-skeletal system, maintenance therapy is strongly encouraged. Incorporating routine chiropractic care into your lifestyle will enable you to avoid the return of pain. Your joints will last longer; and you will be able to live a fuller, less painful life, doing the activities you love.